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Capitelli Pharmacy

The lighting that turns a pharmacy into an oasis of well-being.


The Capitelli Pharmacy, located in Chignolo Po, has created a new space called "Grafts - Health Experiences," designed to offer a place where people can feel listened to and understood in their entirety, including their body, energy, beauty, passions, and emotions. To achieve this cozy and harmonious atmosphere, great attention has been paid to every detail, including lighting.

The lighting project has been designed by Luxiona in collaboration with the technical studio Geom. Roberto Rezzani and architect Marco Fontana. The goal was to capture the image of "Grafts" and propose luminaires with natural shapes, small dimensions, and arrangements that recalled the branches of trees, to integrate with the green essences and natural finishes present in the space.

Special attention has been paid to the color rendering of light sources, using warm white temperature options to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the optics of the luminaires vary according to the different areas of the space, to adapt to the specific needs of each zone.

The lighting in this space is very interesting and scenographic, with professional LED strips designed in handmade compositions of copper branches present in the corridors of the clinics area and adjacent to the building, merging with the view of the themed garden surrounding the building.

Among the luminaires used in this project are projectors such as LUMBO, suspended luminaires such as X-LINE LED in line with 90º and 120º modules, wall luminaires such as X-WALL K9, X-LINE WALL UP OR DOWN, and TUBULAR WALL, and ceiling luminaires such as X-LINE LED, NEPTUN LED COMPACT, and LOTOS ELEGANCE SQUARE.

In addition, emergency equipment has been installed with the BRICK from Sagelux with a three-phase adapter, to guarantee the safety of users in case of electrical failure.

In conclusion, the lighting project in the "Grafts - Health Experiences" space of the Capitelli Pharmacy demonstrates how lighting can be integrated into a space in a harmonious and functional way to improve the user experience. The combination of natural shapes, small dimensions, carefully selected arrangements, and specific lighting options has created a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that invites people to feel comfortable and understood.