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Crustó Bakery

Personalised lighting for an artisan boulangerie with a cosmopolitan design

Crustó is a concept of artisan bakery, patisserie and café with a contemporary design and an open-plan bakery. It has more than 10 locations in Madrid and Barcelona. Coinciding with the opening of its second space in Madrid, a rebranding was carried out to position itself as a sophisticated and cosmopolitan bakery. And in this new Crustó positioning, our Troll luminaires, Luxcan projectors and Tubular pendant luminaires have been customised with the aim of creating harmonisation both in terms of colour and symmetrical geometry.

Moreover, just as the company has invested in technologies to equip its production process with the most innovative quality and control systems, our luminaires with a special LED for bread and pastries manage to highlight the great quality of its artisan breads, making them difficult to choose.

Localisation: Madrid, Spain


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