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Retail Lighting: How Galeries Lafayette Achieves
a Memorable Shopping Experience


Lighting is a fundamental tool in the retail world, as it can make a big difference in the customer's shopping experience. A good lighting design can help highlight products and create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere in the store.


Galeries Lafayette in Perpignan is an excellent example of how lighting can be used intelligently to achieve a memorable shopping experience. The store features a large space and a wide variety of products, from clothing and accessories to beauty and home products.

Lighting has been used to highlight each department of the store and create a sense of depth and spaciousness. Different lighting schemes adapted to each section of the store have been used, such as warm lights and directed projectors in the clothing department and bright, focused lighting on products in the beauty section.

In addition, Lumbo projectors combined with the T-Tris Box system have been used to achieve more complete and personalized lighting. The T-Tris Box system allows for unique lighting designs tailored to the specific needs of each space, while the projectors highlight products and save energy.

In summary, lighting is a key tool to achieve a memorable shopping experience in the retail world. The combination of different lighting schemes adapted to each section of the store, along with the use of Lumbo projectors and the Luxiona T-Tris Box system, can help create an attractive and personalized atmosphere that highlights products and attracts customers.

Localisation: Perpignan, France

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