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14 years illuminating more than 80 shops in Italy

Expert Group is the most significant consumer electronics chain in the world, with a presence in 21 European countries and South Africa, with almost 4,000 shops and a total sales area of around 2 million m2.   

For Over 14 years we have been lighting its more than 80 shops in Italy. For these, in particular, Expert Nifral and Expert Carbone, we have used different products depending on the area or products to be illuminated. For general lighting, we used our Agat panels which fit perfectly into the Amstrong ceilings. To provide accent lighting and with the aim of highlighting their products, we have chosen to place our Luxcan track lights. And playing with the rounded shapes of the ceilings, we have selected the Patos Round luminaires.  

Localisation: Italy
Architect: Simone Barbieri - Competences