Świat Zabawek Toy Store #1
Świat Zabawek Toy Store #2
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Świat Zabawek Toy Store

LUXIONA’s Lighting ignites creativity in the playful interiors of the toys shop "Świat Zabawek"


In one of Warsaw's largest shopping centers, we have transformed the shop’s interior lighting to captivate both young and young-at-heart. Our goal was to infuse the commercial space of the shop with eye-catching general lighting that not only provides uniform and comfortable illumination but also radiates a playful and creative ambiance.

To create an environment that sparks imagination and makes the shopping experience truly extraordinary we chose X-Line LED luminaires in the line version. These luminaires provided a flexible and efficient lighting solution, enabling us to bring our vision to life. Our team arranged the X-Line LED luminaires in broken lines, strategically weaving light throughout the space. The result? A lighting pattern that evokes curiosity and captivates shoppers, creating an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

To ensure that the vibrant and diverse range of products and toys is showcased in the best way, we placed utmost importance on colour rendering. With attention to detail, our lighting design perfectly highlights and accentuates every shade, making the toys and their vibrant colours stand out.

To accentuate and highlight specific displays, we choose our Tear LED spotlights. Mounted on three-phase rails, these spotlights served as the perfect accent lighting, emphasizing each product. They add more attention to detail, guiding customers toward specific product displays.

The project beautifully blends creativity with efficiency, bringing together the best of both worlds. The combination of our technical lighting solutions and efficient lighting parameters tailored specifically for the retail environment results in lighting design that not only illuminates a space but also tells a story that captures the imaginations of all who enter the store.

Localisation: Warsaw