Crioh Store #1
Crioh Store #2

Crioh Store

Lighting to highlight products and colour ranges of accessories and children's fashion

The childcare and children's fashion shop chain Crioh relies on Luxiona to enhance the shopping experience of its new store in Badajoz. 

In this project of new construction, the Luxiona team has collaborated closely in all phases of the project alongside the Crioh management team, led by its CEO Juan Alberto Martínez Zambrano, and the Impulsa Dirección de Proyectos, formed by the engineers Francisco Chacón Morán and Álvaro Sierra Bordallo. 

In order to create the right atmosphere and the desired shopping experience at the store, as well as to highlight and better appreciate the different colour ranges of the products on display, the iconic Luxcan projector by Troll has been selected together with the T-Tris Line System for the track lighting, applying neutral lighting of 4000ºK and CRI>90. Beryl and Pinhole recessed downlights have also been chosen for general lighting areas; 20W and 5W Flexiled LED strips with recessed profile for the shop windows, shelving and room areas, and Tubular suspension downlights together with the Snake architectural luminaire light up the checkout area.  This provides a uniform illumination level of 1,000 lux and a pleasant atmosphere throughout the shop. Finally, Sagelux Brick free-standing emergency luminaires have also been installed in the warehouse area.


Localisation: Badajoz, Spain