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Silence Flagship

Together for the same purpose: eco-responsible cities


Silence is a Spanish company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of 100% efficient two- and four-wheeled electric vehicles, with its own R&D&I and in collaboration with a maximum of national suppliers. The company has its headquarters, R&D technology centre and factory in Barcelona, being the only factory in Europe that manufactures both vehicles and batteries.   


The technology used by Silence to manufacture its products has been recognised by different entities, such as the Association of Spanish Energy Management Agencies with the EnerAgen 2015 National Award and also by the Entrepreneur XXI Award in the industrial category, consolidating Silence as the company with the greatest growth potential in the sector at a national level.  

For the creation of its Flagship in Barcelona in 2019, where it launched its first model for individuals, the S01 equipped with a Trolley type removable battery system, it counted on the lighting of our Luxiona products.

In their shop windows, we can see how their vehicles are illuminated by our Luxcan R three-phase track spotlight. The body is made of extruded aluminium and coated with high-quality black ceramic paint. The luminaire can be oriented 90º vertically and 355º horizontally to accentuate the finishes of all the models of electric scooters on exhibition. 

Localisation: Spain