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Turbine à Saveurs

Illuminating the shopping experience: the sustainable project of a gourmet store


Turbine à Saveurs is a French company specialized in gourmet products and high-quality food. Founded in 2006, the company has become a reference in its sector thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. In addition to offering a wide selection of delicious and unique products, Turbine à Saveurs has also demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and the environment. Therefore, the lighting project with Luxiona not only improved the shopping experience in the store, but also contributed to reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The choice of the Artshape round luminaire was a strategic decision, as its circular design and latest generation LED technology allow for uniform and glare-free lighting throughout the space. This is especially important in a food store, where it is crucial to display the products attractively and functionally. Artshape round is also characterized by its long service life, which means that maintenance and replacement costs are minimal.

For its part, the Luxcan projector was chosen to highlight featured products and specific areas of the store. Thanks to its compact design and high-quality lens, the Luxcan can be adjusted to produce a focused and directional light that attracts the customer's attention. In addition, the LED technology used in the projector is highly energy-efficient and low-consumption, contributing to the sustainability of the project.

The combination of these luminaires has allowed for uniform, effective, and sustainable lighting throughout the space, creating an attractive and welcoming atmosphere for customers. In addition, thanks to Turbine à Saveurs' commitment to sustainability and quality, this project becomes an example to follow for other companies in the sector.

Localisation: Saint-Alban-de-Roche, France