Showroom Astore #1
Showroom Astore #2

Showroom Astore

Lighting as a tool to enhance the shopping experience

Lighting is a key part of a total store concept. Each space needs to be illuminated in a particular and personalized way to maximise its virtues, creating ambiances, reinforcing brand presence and therefore impact on sales.  Aware of the high importance that light plays in retail design, Enara and Nora, designers in charge of the project, trusted in our best-spoke Luxcan projector to illuminate two new showrooms. Choosing a warm lighting ambiance (2700K) for the new Astore Showroom, emphasising this characteristic through the reflection of the wood that floods the horizontal surfaces of the room.

"We created a false skylight over the palpable vegetation and reinforced its presence with a play of light and shadow created by mini projectors with telescopic optics.  We created a metal structure where we housed projectors with a variety of optics to correctly appreciate and accentuate the product on display. We used direct and indirect linear luminaires to reveal the spatial volume". - Enara Aranbide and Nora Imaz, Partners of Islada Lighting

Localisation: Spain


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