ŠKODA concept store #1
ŠKODA concept store #2

ŠKODA concept store

Lighting to create a unique space that combines technology, sustainability and design

ŠKODA, the Czech Republic's car manufacturer and one of the four oldest car companies in the world, has commissioned us to create the lighting project for its new space in the heart of Valencia with the creation of its new City Store.

With the aim of creating a unique space in Spain in which technology, sustainability, design and a welcoming atmosphere envelop all those who visit it, our project department has made a large selection of lighting products. We highlight our Lumbo projector, which illuminates the space without taking centre stage as it integrates into the environment without invading it, and the Patos luminaire which, due to its large format, provides general lighting throughout the space. The beautiful vertical garden that fills the space with life is illuminated with the recessed downlight of minimalist design and the star of the space is the Essence luminaire, which thanks to its simple system has allowed us to create a continuous line that follows the entire space of the concept store. The design point is provided by the Metalarte Ray suspension lamp with direct light, by designer Jordi Veciana.

We would also like to highlight the emergency lighting, with our Sagelux brand, offering an evacuation route and 5 fire-fighting service points.

Localisation: Valencia. Spain