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Mykita Store

Minimalist design and high-tech aesthetics

Iconic German eyewear brand Mykita is opening its first boutique in Spain in a centrally located historicist building near Barcelona's Paseo de Gràcia. The firm's architects have created a distinctly modern presence with a minimalist design and high-tech aesthetic.

The interior design of the Mykita shop is reminiscent of an art installation and creates a striking contrast with the historicist architecture of the building in which it is located; a contrast that evokes an inspiring connection between today and the rich cultural tradition of the neighbourhood.

Developed by Mykita's own architects, the interior design concept for the Mykita shops combines prefabricated industrial elements and specially designed furniture.

A neon installation visible from Passeig de Gràcia illuminates the tall entrance portal to the shop. After crossing the threshold, one enters the large space on the first level of the two-storey shop. The Mykita Wall, the shops' signature white wall runs along the entire left side of the space, ending in a curve that draws visitors inside in a natural movement. The traditional Catalan vaulted ceiling is free of light fixtures to preserve the original character of the store and underline its spaciousness.

Localisation: Barcelona, Spain


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