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Book shop La Procure

Discover Innovative Lighting at La Procure: A Practical Approach for Specialized Bookstores


In collaboration with La Procure and the architectural firm Aurélie Rimbert in Paris, Luxiona has implemented a strategic and practical approach to lighting for this specialized bookstore focused on religious books. Dive into how our meticulous selection of products is transforming the shopping and exploration experience in this unique space.

Efficient Lighting for Every Zone:

Our X-Line Slim system not only provides efficient lighting but also seamlessly integrates into the store's architecture. Each shelf is uniformly illuminated, improving product visibility and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Power and Precision with Luxcan C:

Luxcan C projectors are key elements to highlight specific areas. With precise focus, these powerful projectors direct light towards points of interest, showcasing remarkable works and spiritual guides.

Modern and Serene Light:

The Beryl Surface New LED adds a touch of modern softness to La Procure. Its diffused light creates a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for contemplation and spiritual connection, without compromising energy efficiency.

Strategies for Specialized Bookstores:

- Highlighting Key Elements: X-Line Slim and Luxcan C work together to highlight masterpieces and flagship products.

- Creating Welcoming Ambiences: The combination of Luxcan C and Beryl Surface New LED allows for adjusting lighting to create environments that invite exploration and reflection, essential for a specialized bookstore.

- Energy Efficiency: Our LED technology not only provides high-quality lighting but is also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Join us in this practical exploration of how lighting can transform space and enhance the customer experience in specialized retail environments such as La Procure.

Localisation: Paris. France
Architect: Aurélie Rimbert