Warszawska Opera Kameralna - Basen Artystyczny #1
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Warszawska Opera Kameralna - Basen Artystyczny

Illuminating the WOK stage: Symphony of Light and History


Nestled in the heart of Warsaw, the Warszawska Opera Kameralna, in not only a renowned music institution but also a captivating blend of history, art, and modernity.

The Warszawska Opera Kameralna’s Basen Artytyczny stage finds its home within a building steeped in history. Originally constructed for the YMCA organization, a social, entertainment, and cultural hub for the vibrant city of Warsaw. With its sporting facilities, indoor pool, and refined theatre and reading halls, it played a vital role in post-World War II Warsaw, providing solace and entertainment to its residents.

Today, the Basen Artystyczny stage, housed within this historical building, has transformed into a versatile platform. Its central location in Warsaw makes it a prime choice for a wide range of events, from artistic performances to academic gatherings, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

The stage’s meticulous design prioritizes elegance and comfort. The auditorium offers an inviting environment, ensuring that every moment spent there is more memorable. A key element in enhancing this ambiance is the lighting by LUXIONA, offering precision and elegance without unnecessary embellishment. In an environment where the interplay of light is of utmost importance, LUXIONA's advanced lighting solutions have been seamlessly integrated.

The X-Line LED Line, positioned above the stage and audience, provides uniform and glare-free illumination. It serves as an unobtrusive illumination for cultural experiences, ensuring that attention is focused where it matters.

Also outdoors, LUXIONA's customized Kubik Pole ODB illuminates with warm and welcoming light the area outside the building. This thoughtful lighting integration ensures that comfort and aesthetics are not limited to the stage but extend to the building’s surroundings.

In Warsaw's rich cultural heritage, the Basen Artystyczny stage is a perfect example of a space where, art, history, and modernity coexist in harmony. Thanks to LUXIONA, this iconic stage continues to provide its cultural offer, inviting everyone to partake in its legacy.

Localisation: Warsaw. Poland