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Zimna Woda

In May 2021, the revitalization of the famous area by the Łuków lagoon Zimna Woda was completed. The undeveloped area has now turned into a modern and beautiful recreation space area with numerous sports facilities, as well as a promenade, pier, and marina for boats. The character and atmosphere of the facility is truly holiday-like. At the very entrance, we are greeted by the huge ZIMNA WODA (Cold Water) sign, moodily lit by Filar LED luminaires and Fasad Floor luminaires. Further on, leaving the car in the car park illuminated by Streetpark LED luminaires and heading towards the lagoon, we pass a football pitch, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and table tennis courts illuminated by Sparta LED floodlights. The entire promenade, pier, marina, forest paths, and picnic area are illuminated by Pareo New LED luminaires emitting light with a warm colour temperature that creates a welcoming atmosphere.

With the expertise of our team, we not only provided this place with efficient technical lighting ensuring uniform light and enhanced visibility at the sports facilities but also created an atmosphere that helps relax and enjoy summer evenings in the beautiful surroundings of the lagoon.

Localisation: Lukow. Poland