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Cancer Prevention Center

Lighting the extraordinary facility: Cancer Prevention Center, with special attention to patients' wellbeing

The Center serves not only as another clinic in the overcrowded Center of Oncology, but it is also a place where patients often experience extremely difficult moments in their lives. The priority in designing the building was to create an interior that would make it easier for patients and families to spend time in this facility and to soothe their emotions.

The interior of the clinic is exceptional. Particular attention should be paid to the main hall, which contains the highly modern structure of the reception desk. Lighting is another element adding to the modern character of the interior. Thanks to many glass surfaces, the interior of the building is filled with a lot of sunlight. It is supplemented with artificial light which has been designed in a way to turn it into an element of decoration and design, apart from serving its illuminating purpose. The corridors in the clinicare cut with lines of lighting built into ceilings and descending on walls, which imitate the light filling the interior from many points. In the coffeebar, on the other hand, irregularly placed white cylinders or frames have been applied, which make an excellent supplement to the entire interior, harmonizing with the white tables and chairs.

Localisation: Warsaw, Poland