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Supera Setubal

New sports lighting project for Supera, this time for the country's most modern sports center, CDM Centro Deportivo Supera Setúbal, located in a privileged location and municipally owned under a concession agreement. We are thrilled that Luxiona's technical luminaires have been selected to illuminate this incredible space.

At Supera Setúbal, we have installed a variety of high-quality luminaires that guarantee optimal and efficient lighting in all areas of the sports center. Our technical luminaires, such as watertight screens Nix, suspended luminaires Tubular and downlights Beryl O and Downled, have seamlessly integrated into the interior design, providing bright and uniform lighting in every corner.

Furthermore, we have incorporated state-of-the-art emergency luminaires to ensure user safety. The Brick, Rectangular, Óptima, Evolution, and Proyector SD emergency luminaires are strategically located throughout the sports center, ensuring reliable and efficient lighting during any emergency situation.

The heart of the sports center is its impressive 6-lane heated swimming pool, where lighting plays a crucial role. Our luminaires have been carefully selected to ensure exceptional visibility, creating a welcoming and stimulating environment for swimmers.

At Luxiona, we take pride in being part of innovative and cutting-edge projects like Supera Setúbal. Our expertise in high-quality lighting allows us to offer customized solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and energy efficiency.

Localisation: Setúbal, Portugal


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