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Ice rink Polonia Bytom

A place where sport meets modernity and innovation


We present a lighting project that distinguishes one of the most important and largest sports investments in Bytom. Our modern lighting solutions for this innovative ice rink arena, accommodating 1400 spectators, are designed with maximum functionality in mind, meeting the highest requirements for national, international, and world championships.

The uniqueness of this place is also emphasized by its architecture, especially the roof based on a system of wooden self-supporting cross girders with an impressive span of over 50 meters. This is a unique solution, the only project of its kind in Poland, serving as an example of innovation and technological advancement.

The dedicated Atena Line New LED luminaires for industrial and sports facilities in the ice rink arena represent the epitome of functionality. Expanded to seven LED modules with a total luminous flux of 42,000 lm, they work perfectly in illuminating spaces of considerable size and in extreme conditions, such as low temperatures or high humidity. This is an efficient and energy-saving solution and functional lighting to ensure visibility and safety during sports events. The proposed lighting solutions for sports facilities meet the highest technical standards and comply with sports events' requirements, providing excellent visibility and comfort without glare for athletes and spectators.

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