MObE Sport Clinic #1
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MObE Sport Clinic

Lighting up a health and sports centre

For the project of the most complete new health and sports centre in Zaragoza, the architectural studio responsible for the project has relied on our luminaires to give life to its 400 square meters.   

In the reception and common areas, Artshapes round luminaires of different sizes and diameters have been suspended to provide light at different heights and create a visual harmony. We also combined them with suspended panels to provide a higher quality of light in indoor areas. The X-line luminaire presides over one of the multi-purpose rooms and, thanks to its rectangular format, homogenously illuminates the entire room in the same format. For the corridor and bathroom areas, the Perfiled luminaire is perfectly integrated, delimiting the space and creating a modern and functional space.  

Localisation: Zaragoza, Spain


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