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Valderrobres Castle

Lighting to experience the splendor of the gothic era 

The castle of Valderrobres in Teruel dates back to the end of the 12th century and is one of the main Gothic-era fortresses in Aragon.  In 1931 it was declared a national monument and its reconstruction began in 1977. Today the castle has recovered its former splendor and has become a space for culture, hosting exhibitions, congresses, and musical performances.  

The aim of the project was to illuminate all the rooms of the castle: common areas, entrances, corridors, the different exhibition rooms, interior courtyards, and even the church so that visitors can relive the splendor of the castle and enjoy the cultural event it offers at any given moment.  For the common areas, such as the entrances to the exhibition halls and the main entrance, the 10W recessed downlight Versatile Pinhole luminaire has been used to provide general lighting. And Perfiled strips have been used to provide a linear marking of the stairs.  

In the exhibition rooms, a rail system was used to install Luxcan C Tracklights that provide lighting that accentuates the arches and vertical planes, as well as the pieces exhibited. These same rails are also fitted with LED strips, specially designed for the project, as well as the Brick emergency luminaire adapted to the rail.  All this creates a set of aluminium profiles and an opal cover, with a total length of 900 millimeters and 5W of power, providing indirect and warm lighting, thanks to its colour temperature of 3000K, which also highlights the colour of the original stone of the castle.  

The inner courtyard of the castle has been illuminated with a 60W Beam projector and 45º, with the same temperature of 3000K to provide the same ambiance throughout the castle. The emergency lighting in the inner courtyard was provided by a wall-mounted SD emergency spotlight.  To highlight the upper arches of the castle, a floor recessed luminaire has been used, the Small up, a discreetly sized luminaire whose function is to provide accent lighting so that the arches can be appreciated from the outside.  In the church, we underline the lighting with Luxcan Mini Tracklights accentuating the pointed arches and ribbed vaults crowned by sumptuous keystones.  

Localisation: Teruel, Spain
Architect: Luís Moreno Vitaller


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