Santiago de Compostela Station #1
Santiago de Compostela Station #2

Santiago de Compostela Station

A lighting challenge due to its large dimension

The new station occupies a surface area of more than 8,800 m2 and has 19 intercity bus bays, 6 metropolitan bus bays and 11 regulation bays.  More than 2,000 metres of Flexiled LED strips have been used to illuminate this space of such dimensions, and the great challenge has been to achieve adequate levels of luminance with reduced consumption and providing uniformity as well as an attractive and functional visual and architectural effect. All of this has created a space with a unique personality that sets it apart from other similar architectural projects. 

It is expected that with the arrival of the high-speed train, the intermodal station of Santiago will move around 7 million passengers a year, and its pedestrian walkway will become the first encapsulated public street in Compostela. So it is an honour for Luxiona to light the way for all its future passengers.

Localisation: Santiago de Compostela. Spain