Port Praski – Okrzei 6-8 #1
Port Praski – Okrzei 6-8 #2

Port Praski – Okrzei 6-8

Another realization of a huge and modern housing estate project is again in our portfolio

Newly opened and put-into-service residential buildings in 4A Sierakowskiego Street and 8-9 Okrzei Street reveal they're true colours after dusk, where outside illumination of facades creates unusual light effects on walls. All these effects were achieved thanks to Kubik and Beryl KN Up & Down luminaires. On the other hand, Tytan Sopel and the new X-Line Slim-light line closed in a narrow profile were applied in representative receptions. The outside patio is illuminated with Kubik Pole ODB luminaires that caused this luminaire to be the most popular park luminaire in the whole of Port Praski.