Universal Line system is built on the base of aluminium profile of crosswise dimension after assembly 60 mm x 75 mm, LED strips and linear lenses. Standard colour - natural anodized aluminium. Installation: - surface mounted line (spring plates to the ceiling) - suspended line. The construction of the luminary ensures one of the three levels of protection: IP20, IP55 or IP65. IP20 and IP65 versions of the product are dedicated for internal use. Versions IP55 of the luminary are dedicated for external use. In order to achieve the level of protection IP55, luminaries should be installed purely and simply on a horizontal surface, illuminating part should be directed downwards. It is forbidden to install the luminary on the wall or directed upwards.

  • Application: Architecture and infrastructure, Industry, Office
  • Light source: LED, none
  • Driver: standard on/off (E), DIM DALI (EDD)
  • CRI: >80
  • Material: aluminum
  • Colour: anodised aluminum
  • Diffuser: PLX (PMMA opal), Micro-PRM (micro-prismatic diffuser PMMA), OPTICS (optical system based on lenses), SHM (hardened mat glass), not available in 3F version

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Light effects

direct light distribution direct light distribution
direct light distribution direct light distribution