Modern LED panel dedicated to be mounted on suspended modular ceilings, cardboard suspended ceilings (using adaptive frame), directly on the ceiling (using adaptive frame) or using adaptive frame and suspensions. Equipped with the highly efficient LED sources. Direct light distribution. Luminary body made from steel sheet. PMMA opal diffuser. Colour of luminary - white. CRI>80. Luminary dedicated for the public use structure like offices, conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls etc.

  • Application: Office
  • Light source: LED
  • Driver: standard on/off (E), DIM DALI (EDD)
  • CRI: >80
  • Material: steel sheet
  • Colour: RAL 9016 (white)
  • Diffuser: PLX (PMMA opal), Micro-PRM (micro-prismatic diffuser PMMA)

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Light effects

direct light distribution direct light distribution