Espazio Tattoo #1
Espazio Tattoo #2

Espazio Tattoo

Meeting point for the architecture and interior design sector

Luxiona is collaborating in the Espazio Tattoo project, a new live showroom in Madrid, a real hub for architects, designers, manufacturers, decoration, and furniture companies. Located just 10 minutes from La Moraleja, in the Silk facilities, it is the new activity space for the architecture and interior design sector in the northern area of Madrid. 

It showcases the most innovative materials and the latest trends in decoration, where professionals can experiment with them. 

But as well as being a visual and interactive exhibition space for products, the new showroom is also a meeting place of restless professionals and innovative companies where meetings, conferences, round tables and all kinds of events related to the world of design and architecture are held. 

Localisation: Madrid, Spain


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