Luminary adapted to be mounted on 600 x 600 mm module ceilings. It is equipped with highly efficient LED sources of the newest lighting generation, with the average durability of 60000 h. Diffuser is located in a steel frame which is powder coated in white. The frame is mounted to the luminary body by the use of springs. There is no need to use any extra tools to mount or dismantle the luminary. The body is made from steel sheet which is powder coated with mixture of thermostatic synthetic resin, hardeners, and pigments, all resistant to UV radiation. Luminary resistant to solids, dust, and liquids penetration (IP20/44).

  • Application: Office
  • Light source: LED
  • Driver: standard on/off (E), DIM DALI (EDD)
  • CRI: >80
  • Material: steel sheet
  • Colour: white
  • Diffuser: PLX (PMMA opal), Micro-PRM (micro-prismatic diffuser PMMA)

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