Exciting announcement: LUXIONA Products now available in DIALux Evo!


Exciting announcement: LUXIONA Products now available in DIALux Evo!

We are thrilled to inform all lighting design professionals, that LUXIONA products are now available in DIALux Evo, the global standard in lighting design software. This exciting collaboration brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to your design workflow, allowing you to design, calculate, and visualize light effect of your designs by using real LUXIONA luminaires for a wide range of applications including office buildings, retail, industry and clean and medical spaces as well as outdoor lighting.

What is DIALux Evo?

DIALux Evo is one of the globally most recognised free lighting design software that empowers designers to plan, calculate, and visualize lighting for both indoor and outdoor spaces. From the macro perspective of entire buildings down to the micro details of individual rooms. The software allows to create project documentation that is widely acknowledged as the global standard in the lighting design industry.


LUXIONA Products in DIALux Evo

In DIALux Evo, you can now plan your designs using real LUXIONA luminaires including all technical details and parameters that goes incorporated to the design when selected. Easily obtain detailed product information, technical data, and photometric data to enhance your design precision.

LUXIONA, being a full member of DIALux is also included in the online catalog. Our luminaires are connected to a global product search engine accessible through the DIALux interface. This means that our luminaires can be easily searched and filtered in the DIALux software. This aspect reduces the designer's time, making it easier for you to find the perfect luminaire that meets all the requirements of the project.

We also offer an additional service directly within DIALux Evo. You can submit general, product, or non-binding price inquiries from the software and our experts will promptly reach out to you through your preferred communication channel.

Advantages of using DIALux Evo

With DIALux Evo software lighting designers gain access to a versatile plugin allowing them to acces all photometric files provided by LUXIONA, directly within the Dialux Evo software.

You can easily download all LDT files from a single location, eliminating the need to visit individual product pages on our LUXIONA website and manually download files. All product information is now conveniently located in one place, in the offline catalogue, and directly accessible within the DIALux Evo software. This feature proves particularly convenient, especially when dealing with multiple types of luminaires in a larger facility or project. Now, all necessary files are available in one place, increasing efficiency and saving the valuable time of the lighting designer.

Using Dialux Evo with the plugin not only enhances work efficiency but also introduces innovative solutions that shorten the time spent searching and importing data, allowing designers to focus on the creative aspect of lighting design.

Feel free to take advantage of this modern feature and explore the full range of possibilities offered by Dialux Evo and LUXIONA!

For more information and to explore the LUXIONA product range in DIALux Evo, visit dialux.com