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Proper lighting in common areas of the office is crucial for creating comfortable spaces for meetings and relaxation. An excellent example of this is our project, where the primary goal was to establish a welcoming environment that caters to both collaborative and quiet moments.


Ensuring the right light levels helps meet all employee needs, including safety, comfort, and visual quality. Our lighting solutions including TEAR LED 3F, TUBULAR, PATOS LINE, with the appropriate color temperature, intensity, and even surface illumination, promote a seamless connection between the architectural space and its function. This approach ensures an aesthetically pleasing environment, positively influencing physical and mental well-being, which is essential in a workplace.

Selected lighting fixtures capture the essence of space, complementing it and providing an optimal user experience. It integrates smoothly into the interior, subtly highlighting the character of the area and creating a friendly atmosphere.

It also affects energy levels and emotional well-being. Appropriate lighting reduces drowsiness in the early hours of work and helps restore the natural circadian rhythm, enhancing productivity and creativity, boosting motivation, and improving the overall quality of time spent in the office.

Localisation: Warsaw. Poland