Outdoor luminary for assembling on a hardened surface (concrete, sett, or basement) equipped with the highly effective power saving LED sources of the newest generation. The system is designed and optimized for lighting streets, parks, gardens. Corrosion resistant extruded aluminum aesthetic housing and special pole arrangement. Easy installation, tool less, easy maintenance. Optimal performance with a glare-free, full cutoff, uniform lighting distribution. Note: Luminaires up to 6 m high can be safely used in the first and third wind zones (according to PN-EN 1991-1-4) and in the third and fourth terrain categories (according to PN-EN 40-3-1: 2004). II wind zone and other terrain categories require an individual assessment of the maximum binding height. The type and dimensions of the foundation each time depend on the foundation conditions. The final selection of the foundation, in accordance with the Building Law, is the responsibility of the designer of the object.

  • Application: Architecture and infrastructure, Outdoor
  • CRI: >70
  • Diffuser: transparent polycarbonate
  • Driver: standard on/off (E)
  • Colour: RAL 9005 (black)
  • Light source: LED
  • Material: aluminum

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