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Light Middle East, a fair specialising in lighting, has kicked off in Dubai with Luxiona group, attending for the second year now, out in force presenting an innovative lighting system for operating theatres at their stand.

The M.I (Medical Intelligent)  LIGHTING SYSTEM is an intelligent lighting system for operating theatres with LED lights, created with the aim of resolving problems that can arise during surgical procedures. This need issues from the demands of professionals, who find themselves coming across difficulties in sustaining good illumination when staff are constantly needing to be on the move in the operating space. This new solution improves precision and orientation through monitoring and control provided by an intelligent system.

"M.I.Lighting System allows doctors to have freedom of movement in their workspace"

This innovative Project has been designed and endorsed by a consortium comprised of 5 highly prestigious entities (businesses and institutions), these being the Parc Taulí Institute for Research and Innovation, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia, Azbil Telstar Technologies and Luxiona Lighting Group.

According to Doctor Enric Laporte, a surgeon at the Quirón Hospital in Barcelona and co-creator of this specialised lighting system, “we have successfully taken a big step forward in the field of surgical lighting in an intelligent way”.