Municipal kindergarten

Architectural lighting in a colorful kindergarten

An architectural gem with a colourful façade, it is the most modern facility of its kind in the region. The former nursery school gained a number of new rooms, including a fully adapted lights room, where it will be possible to conduct individually tailored therapy for children. In the rooms and corridors, which resemble picturesque landscapes, lighting from the Artshape Three family in the Edge version and Artshape Round in the Full version has been perfectly integrated. Beryl LED NO and Beryl LED NK were used as complementary downlights in many of the rooms and separate rooms. There is also outdoor lighting. The small Kubik Pole LED pole, which is well-known for lighting parks and areas around the flats, comes here in a 3-metre version and ensures drivers’ visibility in the car park.

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  • Photographer
    Paweł Ratyniak
  • Interior Design
    Passive Architecture of Pyszczek and Stelmach

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