Szczecin Główny Railway Station

Modernisation of the main station in Szczecin

In 2020 the renovation of railway platforms, which is the last stage of the modernisation of the main station in Szczecin, was completed. The works included the construction from scratch of all platforms, two footbridges over the platforms and a roofed connector. The latter enable quick access to the remote platform, which is separated from the other four. One of the last stages was the choice of lighting. All the canopies, footbridges and the link were illuminated with LUXIONA luminaires meeting the extensive requirements set by PKP. Dedicated to platform lighting, Peron Line luminaires are characterized by the possibility of combining them into extensive light lines, equipped with chambers for loop-through wiring and other installations and adapted to the installation of loudspeakers or monitoring cameras. The whole is complemented by Outdoor Universal Line luminaires and street lighting – Streetpark LED luminaires.

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