A large service complex in city centre of Szczecin

In the very centre of Szczecin, a large Poseidon service complex was built, which is a modern symbol of a city opening up to business. The building has almost 19,000 m2 of office space, two hotels and the most modern convention centre in Szczecin which can accommodate up to 1000 people. LUXIONA has contributed to the lighting of this place. Noteworthy is the futuristic reception desk with spectacular light lines based on thin Lampas LED aluminium profiles. The lines are located in the floor and at the junction of the wall and the floor. They impressively change into a vertical orientation on the surface of the walls. Another interesting place is an indoor patio under the open sky. Combining the modernity of the glass construction with the natural green wall and professional lighting, an incredible effect has been achieved. Patio lighting is provided by Floor LED façade luminaires illuminating the green wall from the ground and Lampas Out LED and Kubik IN LED illuminating the whole space and stairs.

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    Paweł Ratyniak
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