Luxiona Group develops luminaires and devices for UV-C germicidal disinfection

Luxiona Group develops luminaires and devices for UV-C germicidal disinfection

Luxiona Group, a world leading company of professional illumination solutions in hospitality, retail, office and Health&Care sectors amongst others, is now adjusting to market and society requirements. Due to COVID-19, the company has developed a new range of UV-C germicidal disinfection products, included in their specialised range Troll.

Supported by their extensive experience in the production and marketing of lighting systems for Health&Care spaces, Luxiona Group has an ISO 13485 certified manufacturing plant for the production of medical devices. 

With the aim of achieving ‘virus and bacteria free spaces’, this new range of products uses UV-C technology, the light spectrum with the strongest bactericidal and germicidal effect, thus being ideal for disinfection. What solutions does the company offer? Disinfection can be carried out in different ways: 

  • Direct radiation: air and surface disinfection. Short disinfection time, fast and efficient elimination of microorganisms, allowing an immediate use of the space once the radiation ends. Alive beings cannot be present during the disinfection process and it must only be used by professionals to minimize risk.

  • UVC-FLOW air: only air disinfection. Longer disinfection time but specially indicated for closed spaces. In this case, live beings can be present during the process. 

The new range of Luxiona Group UV-C products has, according to each model, a bactericidal coating, a motion sensor (if the sensor detects a human or animal presence in the room the power source is automatically disconnected) or a timer that delays the operation until the person has left the room and reconnects it again before the person enters. 

These luminaires are specially indicated for the following sectors: Health&Care (operating rooms, A&E, consultancy rooms, outpatient clinics, geriatrics, veterinary clinics, beauty salons, dentists…), Industry (food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, warehouses, dressing rooms…), public buildings (train and bus stations, cinemas, offices, airports, gyms…), also hospitality (hotel reception, kitchens, restaurants, bars…) and retail (fashion and food stores, shopping arcades, retail stores…).

The R+D department of the company is continuing to develop new models in order to meet the requirements of any other sector.

For more information about this innovative new range of products, please consult the brochure in our downloads area

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