Sagelux, Grupo Luxiona’s emergency lighting brand, launches BRICK, a new intelligent security light
24 February 2017

Barcelona, February 2017.- BRICK is the latest security light from Sagelux, Grupo Luxiona’s emergency lighting brand. With its clean lines and discreet, minimalistic shape, its aim is to respect, as much as possible, the integrity of a designer´s vision.


Small in size and able to be integrated practically into ceilings and walls with its clamp fixings, BRICK ensures maximum reliability and security with the minimum possible visual impact. 


The light comes with the option to be wall-mounted, integrated into walls and ceilings, signposted with a banner on the wall, or connected with a three-phase adapter. 


The technological features of this emergency light make it the best asset for providing buildings with a constantly controlled and monitored level of security. It includes self-testing technology which automatically checks the light source and batteries, and sends out a warning when it finds anomalies, ensuring its correct operation in the case of an emergency. The installation is constantly being reviewed and declared fit for use.


In addition, its auto-discharge and quarterly recharge functions guarantee perfect maintenance of its batteries, following the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to achieve maximum durability and response.


As well as operation control and self-maintenance, BRICK has a usage memory which verifies whether the usage requirements specified in the Certificate of Guarantee have been taken into account, making it very easy to track and analyse the origin or causes of any malfunction that may occur. Its different accessories also facilitate a variety of uses which adapt to the real-life needs of publicly-used installations.


These features are what make the new BRICK from Sagelux the best option for adding elements of INTELLIGENT SECURITY to a project.


Luxiona’s Innovation department is currently developing a connectivity system which will facilitate the online display of the status of emergency units. According to Xavier Santafé, Corporate General Manager of Grupo Luxiona, “the future is advancing towards real-time visualization of the status of these systems, to ensure reliability and maintenance planning. It is also possible to remotely supervise various installations from a single control point. The incorporation of these systems into the Internet of Things and Big Data is indicative of a future in which lighting systems act intelligently to boost security in buildings.”


Sagelux, Grupo Luxiona’s emergency lighting brand, has doubled its sales in Spain in the last three years, and with such an innovative product as BRICK, along with its firm commitment to foreign markets, Sagelux’s sales already represent 15% of Luxiona’s global business.

Luxiona group presents their innovative new lighting system for operating theatres in Dubai
03 November 2016

Light Middle East, a fair specialising in lighting, has kicked off in Dubai with Luxiona group, attending for the second year now, out in force presenting an innovative lighting system for operating theatres at their stand.


The M.I (Medical Intelligent)  LIGHTING SYSTEM is an intelligent lighting system for operating theatres with LED lights, created with the aim of resolving problems that can arise during surgical procedures. This need issues from the demands of professionals, who find themselves coming across difficulties in sustaining good illumination when staff are constantly needing to be on the move in the operating space. This new solution improves precision and orientation through monitoring and control provided by an intelligent system.


This innovative Project has been designed and endorsed by a consortium comprised of 5 highly prestigious entities (businesses and institutions), these being the Parc Taulí Institute for Research and Innovation, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia, Azbil Telstar Technologies and Luxiona Lighting Group.


According to Doctor Enric Laporte, a surgeon at the Quirón Hospital in Barcelona and co-creator of this specialised lighting system, “we have successfully taken a big step forward in the field of surgical lighting in an intelligent way”.


See the video here:


An innovative hospital lighting system will be presented by Luxiona at the Light Middle East exhibition, in Dubai
06 October 2016

Barcelona, 03 October 2016.- For the second time, Luxiona Group will be presenting in the Light Middle East Dubai exhibition, that will be held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates from 31 October to 2 November.


The lighting group will take this chance to present the latest developments in technical and hospital lighting (which will be released this year under its Troll brand) as well as in decorative lighting (under its Metalarte brand). The Group has chosen this exhibition as part of its annual schedule so as to continue strengthening the international markets, with a special focus on EMEA and as a result of its increased presence in the Middle East.


On this occasion, one of its main innovations for the exhibition is related to the hospital (healthcare) sector:


Intelligent lighting for operating rooms

M.I (Medical Intelligent) LIGHTING SYSTEM,


This innovative project has been designed and endorsed by a consortium made up of 5 renowned entities (companies and institutions), such as the Institute of Research and Innovation Parc Taulí, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Institute of Bio-engineering of Catalonia, Azbil Telstar Technologies and Luxiona lighting Group.


It is an intelligent lighting system for operating rooms, which includes LED luminaires. It has been created to solve any difficulties that may arise during surgery. This idea was born to meet the demand of professionals, who were faced with difficulties to maintain good lighting when moving around the operations area. This new solution improves accuracy and orientation thanks to monitoring and control with an intelligent system.


The usual working method in surgery requires a light unit over the head and one or two extra lamps providing oblique light to avoid shadows in the visual field. This new system allows to easily focus the light toward the desired area or direct it toward a completely different area just by pressing a control device button.


Dr Enric Laporte, surgeon in Quiron Hospital Barcelona and co-creator of this specialised luminaire, stated that: "We have managed to go one step forward in intelligent surgical lighting". 


This solution can be applied to a wide range of hospital uses. M.I. LIGHTING SYSTEM significantly improves the O.R. lighting systems in light direction and precision; it provides high-quality light, reduces shadows and removes any obstacles. It also increases the efficiency of the operations area, as it can be oriented simply by pushing a remote control button.


Javier Santafé, Corporate CEO of Luxiona Group, affirms that: "We are pleased to launch M.I. Lighting System in the Light Fair Dubai exhibition, because it demonstrates our commitment to the Middle East, where we are increasingly present. This intelligent lighting solution for operating rooms is the result of a combination of our experience in the Hospital and Pharmaceutical (Healthcare) sector and the technological developments and innovation in lighting. Luxiona's production plant in Poland is ISO 13485 certified for the design and manufacture of lighting solutions for medical applications."




• Illuminating surface: 9 m2 approx. (2.0 x 2.5 m).

• Possibility of directing light to different spots in the operations area.

• Each spot is illuminated with a luminaire with as much zenithal light as possible. Additional luminaires

  will remove any shadows from the working area.

• Two-axis motor-driven luminaires enables convenient focusing of the light beam and correct positioning in space.

• Infection risk reduction.

• Manoeuvrability and easy handling of the whole system.

• Constant colour temperature and intensity. CRI>95

• Colour temperature: 4500K

• No interference with surgeons and surgical staff.

• Internal power supply.

• Minimum heat radiation.

• Low consumption and high durability.